Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It Just Wasn't Ella's Day...

My poor baby. Nothing went her way today... To start off with, she's teething. Her second tooth is pushing the gums up but just refuses to break through. So she hasn't been sleeping (therefore, neither have I) and she's just miserable.

This afternoon, I left her on the couch to nap with the coffee table pushed up against it like I always do. I was downstairs changing the laundry, when the girls start I run back up and find Eve holding a screaming Ella...saying, "She rolled off the couch!!" Yeah... I felt horrible. The girls had moved the table to get piano books out while she was asleep...and then she woke up. I reassured them that it wasn't their fault (they were all incredibly upset) and that she was fine. Not the first baby to roll off of something... :S

Later on, we were upstairs doing hair and getting ready to go the Mission's Conference, so I had Ella on my bed (while I was sitting right beside her) and before I noticed...Jed stood up, jumped...and landed right on her head. I know... I'm a horrible Mother. So after consoling her once again...she was fine. Jeddy must have kissed her and said, "Sowwy...sowwy..." a hundred times.

The comes dinner time. She had been screaming non-stop. So I handed her to Eve and said, "Just sit with her while I serve out dinner." We were rushing to get out to church on time and I didn't even think as I passed a plate in front of Ella and she grabbed a handful of steaming rice.... and I mean "steaming". She immediately screamed, and threw the rice all over Eve's arm..who in turn, screamed also. It was like watching the whole thing in slow motion and I couldn't do anything to stop it. I grabbed Ella from Eve and ran cold water over her hand while I frantically called my Mom. None of my kids have been burned before.. so I was freaking out, while trying to calm Eve down and tell her that it wasn't her was my fault. What a scene... Needless to say, we didn't make it to church that night. Ella cried for the next hour until she finally fell asleep. While my roast in the oven turned to charcoal... Thankfully, she only had one blistered finger...

Today was not her day... :( And I couldn't feel worse about the fact that all these things could have been prevented... Ahhhhhh.

We did watch the conference online- and she did eventually fall asleep...
For a few minutes anyways...

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