Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Robbie!!!

This Saturday is Robbie's 9th birthday! It seems like just yesterday when he was standing at the window crying every time Mom went out... when Sarah and I would take turns cuddling him and trying to keep him asleep until she got home. Ha! Hard to believe he is 9 already! Little Robbie with his, "hoo-hoos!" (hotdogs) and, "Juicy!" (what he named his sippy cup)

Just thought I'd throw that in to embarass him a bit... :P

We made him his favourite dinner (well at our place anyways) Pizza and garlic bread! Mmmm.....

Unfortunately, he has to wait until his actual birthday to open presents.... But we got to have cake!

Aunty Sarah with Ella, who kept checking out her cake! :)

Happy 9th Birthday little bro! Who already has bigger feet than my gigantic size 10s...and a bigger head...well, his head has been bigger since birth! :P

We love you "Uncle" Robbie!

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  1. Ahhh very cute guys! Good job with the cake! You'll have to email me the pics please!


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