Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Well...almost...

These were the pictures I was going to use on our Christmas card...but I was just so uninspired by them... So, I picked a new theme, and took new pictures! :) Ok...done with the words. Here are the old pictures!

This one just makes me laugh...soooo Jeddy!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Flashback Friday

My crazy girls!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Wasn't it just a week ago I was posting pictures of the kids in the leaves? Without coats on??? After all, it is fall...right? Ha... not according to my kids. It is officially "winter" here. Which is understandable considering all the cold white stuff we have outside!

The pictures aren't that great because I didn't want to take the time to figure out the perfect "snow settings" while I was freezing my hiney off outside. My kids on the other hand...well, Keona was throwing snowballs in her own face, while Elijah stuck his head in the snow like an ostrich in the sand. So after the few pictures I took, I spent an hour sitting on my counter at the window, watching my kids run around and tackle each other into the snow. Elijah punched Prayer's snow pile (?) over and so Prayer punched Elijah.... in the face. To her defense, she did have mittens on. :S

Well, that was fun. (not) But they are big enough to get themselves dressed and undressed now. They can hang up their own coats, and they don't pee themselves because I can't get the snow pants off fast enough. So no complaints!

My wonderful friend Stef brought me her old bread maker today because she just got a new one. What a huge blessing! We had a fresh loaf of onion-cheese bread with dinner. It got the kids stamp of approval. :)
So while we got a bread maker... when I attempted to warm up my rice to go with dinner I realized that my microwave wasn't working. It would turn on and spin...but no heat. My Mom told me hers had set on fire after it started doing that. So I stopped trying it. Here I am thinking, Great, the last thing we need is to have to buy a new microwave right now. Then when my Mom came to get Robbie- she had bought us a new one from Walmart! Thanks Mom! Two new, well new to us, appliances in one day. :) I'm so thankful for family, and good friends.

On another note, I have become obsessed with Grade 4 science. Is that sad? Seriously though...yesterday, Keona and I built an electromagnet. With a 'd' battery, speaker wire, a nail, and some hockey tape. (we made do with what we had! lol) It worked. I don't know if the battery was supposed to get that hot.... but it worked. Scott would have laughed at fascinated by a nail picking up paper clips. Or Elijah sitting there watching... saying, "Don't get electrocuted Mom!" ha... kinda like the time I got tired of waiting for Scott to install a door stop and decided to do it myself. I didn't realize until after I spent half an hour putting all my weight behind the drill to get this tiny hole, that I had it on... reverse. Scott loves when these type of things happen. But no... neither of us got electrocuted. Keona played with it for a while and tried it with some other things. As long as she doesn't try and hook it up to a little brother!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Robbie!!!

This Saturday is Robbie's 9th birthday! It seems like just yesterday when he was standing at the window crying every time Mom went out... when Sarah and I would take turns cuddling him and trying to keep him asleep until she got home. Ha! Hard to believe he is 9 already! Little Robbie with his, "hoo-hoos!" (hotdogs) and, "Juicy!" (what he named his sippy cup)

Just thought I'd throw that in to embarass him a bit... :P

We made him his favourite dinner (well at our place anyways) Pizza and garlic bread! Mmmm.....

Unfortunately, he has to wait until his actual birthday to open presents.... But we got to have cake!

Aunty Sarah with Ella, who kept checking out her cake! :)

Happy 9th Birthday little bro! Who already has bigger feet than my gigantic size 10s...and a bigger head...well, his head has been bigger since birth! :P

We love you "Uncle" Robbie!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mission's Conference Weekend

(before you read this- go back and read last Wednesday's post that I forgot to post until now... or it may not make sense.. )
I guess I'll start back at Thursday. Ella didn't sleep at all on Wednesday night, so I was extremely tired all day... I almost fell asleep at dinner. Kinda like Jeddy did on Saturday night...

So we didn't make it out again on Thursday. Though, I promised the kids that we would go on Friday night. Come Friday, I really didn't "want" to go out. I was exhausted from Ella being up, and I figured I'd just get called down to the nursery to get her anyways. But Scott said that I was going. So, I was going... lol

He had to leave early to practice with the college choir so I was left to get all the kids ready and out. Everything was going fine until about 10 minutes before we had to leave... I forgot to fold up the I had to run and do that. As, I was putting my boots on to go out the door the side seam split right open.... so I went to get panty hose and my toe went right through the end.. my only pair by the way. I stitched them up, put them back on and got on my shoes. Only to find, Ella had ripped off the dressing on her burn. Got out the gauze, antibacterail cream, and bandaid tape stuff, dressed her finger again- and out the door we go. We made it! :)

The nurseries looked a little hectic, so I offered to work down there since I figured Ella was going to be miserable anyhow. I stayed in service to sit with the kids while Scott was singing, then I headed down. It was actually a pretty quiet night. After service, we were running out to the van in the rain when Jeddy started yelling. We looked, and he had NO shoes on! Scott ran back to nursery, but they were no where to be found...they didn't show up Saturday or Sunday either... strange...
On the ride home, Keona was very quiet and she looked kind of sad so I asked her what was wrong. She said, "Nothing, I'm just so happy..."

Me: Why?
Keona: God really spoke to my heart tonight in the service. And now I know that He's calling me to be a missionary. I'm just so happy that I know what God wants me to do.

That wasn't our entire conversation... we talked the whole way home. And then when we got in, she told Scott and they talked and prayed together. It was sweet. After speaking to Pastor Baker on Sunday, she wrote down the date, and the decision she had made in her Bible. Along with the message and verses Dr Sisk preached on that night. I'm so proud of my big girl. She's growing up! Maybe the devil really didn't want her in church this week... who knows. There has to be some explanation for all of those things happening at once... I felt like I was being used for target practice. Maybe it wasn't "me" at all...oh, and in the nursery that night...Ella's tooth finally broke through and the madness ended.

Ha...and then there's Prayer. Who had the missionaries signing her Bible, that looked like this inside...

Since when do we draw in our Bibles?? And what in the world is that supposed to be??? A very freaky looking preacher? lol I had to try so hard not to laugh while I explained to her that she shouldn't be drawing in her Bible... Only Prayer. Today we had a discussion about taking care of what you need to get done, and not worrying about what others are doing. (because they took an hour to tidy up their rooms and still had stuff hidden under the bed and they were all blaming eachother)
Me: So, what do YOU need to work on?
Elijah: My temper...and not getting mad at my sisters.
Eve: Cleaning up properly, and not being lazy.
Charity: Listening to you.

Prayer: My karate chop.

Yep.... her "karate chop". Seriously???

Friday, November 7, 2008

Flashback Friday: My Little Lady

This was after one of our first real "mother- daughter" shopping trips. I remember her asking so sweetly if she could "get a purse like Mom." She picked out those sunglasses too! :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It Just Wasn't Ella's Day...

My poor baby. Nothing went her way today... To start off with, she's teething. Her second tooth is pushing the gums up but just refuses to break through. So she hasn't been sleeping (therefore, neither have I) and she's just miserable.

This afternoon, I left her on the couch to nap with the coffee table pushed up against it like I always do. I was downstairs changing the laundry, when the girls start I run back up and find Eve holding a screaming Ella...saying, "She rolled off the couch!!" Yeah... I felt horrible. The girls had moved the table to get piano books out while she was asleep...and then she woke up. I reassured them that it wasn't their fault (they were all incredibly upset) and that she was fine. Not the first baby to roll off of something... :S

Later on, we were upstairs doing hair and getting ready to go the Mission's Conference, so I had Ella on my bed (while I was sitting right beside her) and before I noticed...Jed stood up, jumped...and landed right on her head. I know... I'm a horrible Mother. So after consoling her once again...she was fine. Jeddy must have kissed her and said, "Sowwy...sowwy..." a hundred times.

The comes dinner time. She had been screaming non-stop. So I handed her to Eve and said, "Just sit with her while I serve out dinner." We were rushing to get out to church on time and I didn't even think as I passed a plate in front of Ella and she grabbed a handful of steaming rice.... and I mean "steaming". She immediately screamed, and threw the rice all over Eve's arm..who in turn, screamed also. It was like watching the whole thing in slow motion and I couldn't do anything to stop it. I grabbed Ella from Eve and ran cold water over her hand while I frantically called my Mom. None of my kids have been burned before.. so I was freaking out, while trying to calm Eve down and tell her that it wasn't her was my fault. What a scene... Needless to say, we didn't make it to church that night. Ella cried for the next hour until she finally fell asleep. While my roast in the oven turned to charcoal... Thankfully, she only had one blistered finger...

Today was not her day... :( And I couldn't feel worse about the fact that all these things could have been prevented... Ahhhhhh.

We did watch the conference online- and she did eventually fall asleep...
For a few minutes anyways...

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Sneak peek

We took the pictures for this year's Christmas card on Saturday. Here's one taken during the session... :)

(Keona and Arabella)

Monday, November 3, 2008

What a Weekend!

Well, we had quite the weekend. It began nice and calm. We had our usual family game night on Friday. Scott bought an extra Scrabble game so we can all play now. We just use 2 boards and 2 sets of letters. Then you can go on either board...but other than that-pretty much the same. He destroyed us with 7 letter word bonuses...the girls are getting better though, so it's actually fun to play with them.

The girls arguing with Scott over a word (or "non-word" lol)

Saturday morning, Scott got up early and went to the Men's Prayer Breakfast while I slept in with Ella. Then he got home and I left for a friend's "Muffin and Make-up" party. It was nice to be able to leave Ella at home and just enjoy a few hours out. She was even pretty good while I was gone Scott said! She's such a little piggy now. She love to wolf down her cereal and fruit. She'll grab the spoon and try to jam it in her's so cute!

Now, Saturday night is when all the fun began. Jed had a bit of a cough all day, but nothing serious. Well, come Saturday night he was having trouble breathing again. We gave him his inhalers...but they didn't seem to be working quickly enough. Before his oxygen got low again I decided to take him in to the ER. We got there around 9pm and waited for 2hours before being seen by a Dr. All the while, Jed was still awake. He didn't want to sit, he didn't want to stand...he was over-tired and delirious. Oh yes, it was fun... there were people hacking all over the place, and then some girl puked all over the waiting room. It was lovely... and Jeddy was breathing better by this point...still wheezing...but better. I sooo wanted to go home. Finally they called us in where 2 men harassed the nurse for no good reason...and then claimed that she was "prejudice"...ha. Huge pet peeve of mine. Anyhow! Finally, around midnight, we got to see a doctor who told me to keep an eye on him and put him back on his inhalers. It may be asthma, hopefully not. But that's how I got to spend my "extra hour" of daylight savings time....

When we got home Scott was ready for bed and Ella was up again...she was up every hour. I don't like this whole teething at 6 months thing. :P
I stayed home Sunday morning with those two and Scott took the rest of the kids to church.
(This pic isn't actually from Sunday... I spent Sunday wearing pjs in zombie mode...)

That night I conked out on the couch for a nice, looooong nap and didn't want to get up! But I did, and we played some more Scrabble. lol

And now, it's Monday night and I'm exhausted. Craving chocolate...but having a tea. Ahhhh....


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