Saturday, October 4, 2008

Star Wars Lego Church

The kids and I (well... the girls and I since Elijah doesn't believe in cleaning) spent this afternoon cleaning up. This morning was Keona's first Level 3 swim class, and Scott went out to play baseball with the college guys this afternoon... so I had some time to get stuff done around the house!

We found some more of Scott's old Lego while we were cleaning out the laundry room and the kids couldn't wait to use it. What did they want to build?....

A "Star Wars Lego Church"...

Their congregation of lame, maimed, halt, and blind from the highways and hedges of the lego bin that they have compelled to come in - seem to be enjoying their service.
"Pastor" Luke Skywalker
Their pianist- "Padme"
Outside view.... with parking lot, and even "Mack" the big red church bus!

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  1. Great job everyone - you are all so creative - you get it from your Mommy!!!


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