Saturday, October 11, 2008

Puke, puke...and more....puke!

Lovely title. I know... but that has been my week. Right now, we are supposed to be in Wasaga Beach enjoying a nice Thanksgiving dinner with Scott's family. Instead... I'm here, at home, typing this.... with a huge apple crisp, and 2 giant loaves of pumpkin bread in my kitchen.

Charity starting throwing up again yesterday so she decided she was going to stay at my Mom's while we went to Wasaga. (dream come true...Grandma all to herself!) We dropped her off and got about half way there when Elijah announced, "I feel like I'm going to throw up!" And he did...we didn't have a change of clothes for him, and figuring he now had the same thing as Charity- we turned around, picked up Charity, and went home. After we got in and settled, Elijah told me that he wasn't really sick- there was just a "bad smell that he didn't like" and that's what made him throw up. Well, considering he just wolfed down a plate of spaghetti, 3 biscuits, and then 2 plates of salad... I believe him. Charity still sits here on Scott's chair... I think she has read about 15 novels this week! :(

Jed is back to normal- getting into everything! Yesterday, every time I turned my back I found him taking yogurt out of the fridge! He helped himself to it, opened it, got a spoon, and ate it, at least 3 times...

At least I got my camera working again. It's still making some very strange noises, and I don't expect it to last long...but it's working! :)


  1. Ah... my poor Charity give her kisses for me... hope everyone else stays ok!

  2. Hi, just want to tell you that you won the Bucky Comfort Creatures giveawy on Hip Mama's Place. Sorry it took a while for me to pick the winner. But please send me your mailing address via hipmamasplaceatgmaildotcom and I'll notify the sponsor to send it to you.

    Thanks! Those are adorable pics of your kids. :)

  3. hope everyone is 100% feeling better soon! At least you have yummy treats to munch...if you can stomach them...

  4. Thanks. :)

    And thankfully, everyone is much beter now.


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