Monday, October 27, 2008

On a Much Lighter Note...

Ella got her first tooth!??? None of my kids have had a tooth break through until atleast 9 months... I was in shock this morning when Ella chomped down on my finger and I felt tooth! lol. Oh man... and we've still got atleast 5 months of nursing ahead!... :S

A cute story about Keona... she came downstairs yesterday morning and we had the following conversation...

Keona: Mom, I was reading my astronomy book...and I got to this page where it said that there was a big crash and two asteroids or something collided and formed earth. And then they said that a piece broke off and that's where the moon came from.

Me: Really...

Keona: Yes! And I know that isn't true! God created the world. It made me so mad that I threw the book across the room!

Me: Wow. Well You're right...that isn't true. You know that God created the world... it didn't come from a big bang...just like we didn't come from monkeys! You can still read and learn about the planets..just ignore that part.

Keona:! I'm not reading that book anymore! Why would someone just write their "opinions" in a book???

Haha...just a bit like her Daddy. We discussed how they were just theories and came up with a solution... :P

The kids were also excited to get a visit from Papa last night. Ella especially liked his pen!

Aunty "Oorah!" came over today, and brought me my new gloves and hat. :) I LOVE her job! Thanks Sarah! Jed was nuts- like usual...and followed her around saying, "Up up!"

And just a couple cute pis of the kids before church on Sunday night. Keona was at Grandma's house- incase anyone is wondering why there isn't a picture of her..
My little men!

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  1. I have to say... your little men are not going to be little much longer! Auntie Oorah and the boys is cute!


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