Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hawaiian Luau

Tonight we had a Ladies' Hawaiian Luau at our church. Complete with "leis" and all. Mrs. Homan gave a wonderful message and Pastor Smith did an amazing job with the food- like usual! Unfortunately, for Ella it didn't start until bedtime. So she wasn't really up for the party.
Her favourite part...

Yep, she just tried to eat my lei, and cried. Until I put her to sleep and the noise woke her up again. She's at that wonderful age right now that makes trying to anything with her so much fun! ;)

Since I was busy with her we didn't really take any pictures until after. Here's one of me and my sis in her 'not so tropical' outfit!

The kids had a great time with Nana and Oma. They got to say up late, eat junk food, and play Wii! What more could they ask for!? :) Keona even learned how to knit! (If she can just keep from dropping the needles and pulling her stitches out!)

They werea little hyper when I got home around 9pm...

...but quite enjoyed the leis.

Poor Jed lost his airplane today. Well, it's somewhere in our house. Just none of us know where... He keeps saying, "Mommy! Airplane! Find it! Find it!" :(

I told the kids I'd give whoever finds it a dollar, as incentive to help look. After about 5 minutes, Charity told me she'd give me her ten dollars if I could find it. lol...They're getting smarter.

So, tomorrow the hunt for Jed's airplane continues.

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  1. LOL... seems from the pictures that, in one way or the other, both you and all the kids had a great time thanks to this Hawaiian Luau!


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