Friday, October 24, 2008

Flashback Friday: Who's Who?

The girls wanted me to do another one to see if we could trick Nana! ;)


  1. Papa says...your sneaky girls!
    Nana is thinkin about it, but I is gonna guess.
    Prayer is clutchin Keona on the right and, not sure which one is Charity but just guessin that she is beside Keona. So for once in a picture could Eve be on the end?
    Papa is probably wrong but not afraid to guess.
    One thing for sure, the big beautiful one with teeth is Keona.

  2. Nana says....Ok this is a real tough one, from left to right it looks like Eve, Prayer, Keona and Charity. Tell me how many I have right, but please don't tell me who is who yet. This is fun.

  3. Well... you got 4 right lol so I guess WE'LL have to try again! :P

  4. Papa says,Well I got two right!LOL
    I guess I need to spend more time with the favorite people in my life so I can know who they are eh!
    Nana sure does know them doesn't she?

  5. Wow - way to go Nana, Grandma is still confused!


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