Friday, October 31, 2008

Flashback Friday: Who's Who continued..

Aww... I remember this day. Charity was given slightly sour goat's milk and threw it up all over Grandma....and I mean ALL over. Grandma's response, "Oh, it's perfectly alright hunny. Brings back wonderful memories of when my girls were little!"

The triplets with Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa.


  1. oh Jac, This ones a hard one.
    Ummmm I say, Eve, Prayer, Charity...
    Let me know how many i have right, cause if im wrong i want to guess again... These are fun.

  2. hmmm im gonna try this one...and i know ill be embarrassed at how many i get wrong :P hehe... but i say prayer charity eve!
    Aunty Nadine

  3. Nana says...From left to right, Charity and Eve are on Great Grandma's lap and Prayer is on Great Grandpa's lap. Please let me know how many I got right. I love you guys....hey, how many did the triplets get right???

  4. Nana has it right again! Two of the triplets guessed and got all three wrong lol. Keona and Elijah knew though...strange, eh?

  5. Oh boy... I should have skipped reading the comments - but I would have only had Prayer right anyways!
    I love these "lookin backs"

  6. Papa says,
    Has Nana got an inside scoop or what?
    She sleeps, eats, and thinks constantly about others, but in 30 years I never knew what great detail she had in remembering little things about those things she cares so much about.You kids got a lucky PaPa.


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