Friday, October 17, 2008

Flashback Friday: Tummy time!

Two year old Keona, entertaining her little sisters!
Who's who? :P


  1. Nana Said... The big one is Keona. I need a closer look to tell you the rest....can you see any teeth?

  2. Charity says, "Yeah...there's teeth.... Keona."

    lol... you can't see any of the triplets' teeth in this pic though. :P

  3. Pa Pa says,
    Wow!!!!!!!!! I have guessed multiple times and I see no distinction of anyone in this pic?

    Has not been very many stumps for me, but this one would only be a wild shot in the dark.
    Can you tell for sure?????

  4. Yes, I can tell for sure. Keona and Elijah could too. Though, all three of the triplets got it wrong! LOL :P

  5. Nana Said...Prayer is on the left, Charity is the middle one and Eve is on the Right???

  6. Thanks:)

    And yes... you got it right Nana! I'll have to try and find a trickier one. :P


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