Monday, October 6, 2008

Fight, fight, fight!

Yesterday afternoon Scott and I decided to have a relaxing game of Scrabble (instead of our usual Sunday afternoon naps!) All was going well (other than me losing) until it came to my last tile of the game.... he may tell you differently...but basically, he tried to cheat me out of 50 points. Which resulted in me throwing a Scrabble tile at his forehead, us fighting over the score card, and ultimately- him dragging me off the couch by a cracker box. (don't ask) I tried to take him down... but fighting with him isn't quite the same as it was 8 years (45 lbs...ahem...) ago.

Today, Eve noticed a bruise on my leg, and asked if it was from "you and Dad fighting?" ha... they all think it is hilarious to watch us fight (only fooling around of course! Right, Sarah!??) except for Evie...she always tells Scott not to hit me back..."just hug her" she says. Elijah on the other hand- has vowed to protect me and "take Dad down" if he tries to fight with me. :)
We came to the conclusion that we probably shouldn't play board games together...
we are both WAY too competitive! ;)

Have I mentioned lately how cruel my kids can be??? No doubt at all that they belong to Scott! :P This weekend we heard them in the basement chanting, "Cry! Cry! Cry!" to my poor, sensitive, little Prayer-pie... Ok. So Scott and I did laugh pretty hard... before he went down there to "fix" them! And no... she didn't really cry. They were just teasing her. Man, where do they get this from!?
On another note- Keona finished her project on atoms. She was very proud of the model she made of a "Hydrogen Atom".
And.... Ella tried cereal for the first time! She pretty much just drooled it all out...but it's a start. We already know she loves pear....if I let her lick mine-she tries to jam the entire thing into her mouth!

Anyhow, today was a pretty normal day. Other than Ella and Jed having fevers, Ella crying every waking moment because she's so stuffed up that she can't sleep, Charity randomly puking all over the kitchen floor, Jed dumping 3 billion pieces of lego all over the basement floor, Jed dumping corn starch all over the living room floor, Jed falling off the kitchen counter...Yep.
Perfectly normal day. :)
P.S. Scott is actually the sweetest husband ever. Who knows just how to surprise me exactly when I need it. Last week (the day after my terrible, horrible no good whatever day) I woke up to a picture of a flower on my screensaver, and a note from Scott, saying he was going to buy me flowers but knew I would be mad at him for going over budget (lol) so he picked this one for me. And that he loves me and all that mushy stuff...
Really... we just beat on eachother for fun!


  1. LOL ! oh man ... you sure do live an eventful life... always stories! I love how the violence never changes! too funny:)

  2. so much fun.... but yes, please no more games- board or otherwise you are definitely too competitive to play against each other


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