Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Overview

I never seem to get around to blogging on the forgive me, but Monday has become "catch-up" day!
The kids had been waiting all week for Friday night. 'Why' you ask??? Because Scott had gotten a copy of "Star Wars: Clone Wars" from a friend at work and they were all dying to see it. *gag*
I made popcorn for everyone and they sat glued to the TV while Jed and I played.

On Saturday I went to a baby shower at church for a lady who just had twin girls. They were adorable. It brought back so many memories!
My Mom with Ella and Grandma Michel with Abigail (one of the twins)

Once home, we spent the day relaxing.
Eve put Ella to sleep in Scott's chair.
Then later on, Charity was rocking Ella to sleep and actually fell asleep with her! It was so cute.

It was Open house this Sunday at church. We heard an amazing testimony, wonderful singing, and a great gospel message from Pastor Baker. I'm so thankful for our church.

It was a nice weekend. Scott and I stayed up, drank tea, and played Scrabble Sunday night. (Wow, we sound really old...!) And for the first time... in....well forever! ... he beat me. By a measly 8 points. Kinda like the only time I beat him at chess. I remember that it was a real pathetic win...
Oh, and did I mention that Jeddy used the toilet three times today!?!? I didn't even mention it. He came to me and said, "Mommy! Toilet!" I took him... and he went! Seriously, I'm hoping I get away without having to potty train this kid! He's doing it all on his own! :)


  1. Great catch up honey - and I love the pics - especially Evie and Charity with Ella - boy Ella is looking so big! and feeling heavier when you old her for a while too!

  2. Aaawwww... I love all the pictures but the one with Charity and Ella sleeping together is so sweet!
    Round of applause for Jeddy too, he'll end up potty training Ella for you!
    D x


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