Thursday, September 4, 2008

Third Day of School!

Ok, so I wanted to do a "first day of school" post, but we were too busy...and I forgot to take pictures... In fact you'll notice in the pictures I did take- the kids are colouring. Not quite "working away"...but they were quiet and I didn't have to be answering it seemed like a good time to take a picture.

We are off to a great start. This year I have a grade 4, three grade 2's and a grade 1. I thought I was so organized with my schedule and everything...turns out I forgot a few things! :S I think I'm going to spend this weekend doing homework with Scott, and tweaking our schedule to better suit our day.

In our family devotions yesterday I was teaching the kids from Ephesians and Charity sat there going, "Amen...yep. Amen."
I'm loving grade 4 so far. It gets so much more fun once we're past kindergarten and they're reading! Thankfully, for the first year since we started... I don't have to teach anyone to read!! :D I'm amazed by how much Elijah's reading improved over the summer. He can read just about anything smoothly now. But yes, back to grade 4.... I'm enjoying the stories in literature- and the poetry. Not to mention science! I can't wait to see what we're learning this year! If only Keona had so much enthusiasm... well, she does about some literature. She loves to read! But math.. she's always off in dream land during math. Though, I probably shouldn't complain... she still gets straight A's.

It's so funny to watch and listen to the triplets compete. Who finished first? Who had the most right? Who had the most wrong? Who will do best on the test? It goes on and on...they're hilarious. I don't want to see them constantly comparing each other to one another- but in a way, I'm glad to see them challenging each other.

Here's what Jed does during school....

He pretty much just runs around and causes trouble. Grabbing a pen and scribbling on someone's work every now and then. His new thing is to call my name over and over again.... "Mommy. Mooooommmy. Mommy. Mom! Mom! Mom!" Until I finally answer with, "YES! What!???" Which is usually followed by him laughing and running away.

I feel so blessed to be able to teach my children at home. I'm so thankful for the freedom to do so. I wouldn't trade watching them grow- mentally, physically, and spiritually- for anything.

As a sidenote: I finally did get out the "Star wars" lego for the kids. Elijah said it wasn't fair that he had to share it with his sisters. (Scott...) And at this very moment I'm listening to him yell at Jeddy... oh, and now he's crying...and yelling, "He broke my ship!!"

What was I thinking??

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