Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My babysitter, my sister, my friend

After getting home from the college Wonderland trip with Scott, and finding all these pictures of Sarah with the kids, I decided to write a quick "thank you" to her.

She was there "in the beginning" at the hospital when we had Keona. She slept and ate there for almost 3 days, just waiting... along with the rest of our family! She watched Keona for me countless times, let her take naps in her bed and rip off all of her Beanie Baby tags... :S

She came to visit me when I was on bed rest with the triplets. She did my hair for me, and even painted my ugly, swollen toes... and she snuck me ice when everyone left the room (while I was supposed to be fasting from food and liquid) She was there for my drugged up state after they were born....when I double pumped in front of everyone while Scott took a picture and laughed.

After the girls were born she came to our 9th floor apartment, when both elevators were broken down and carried my many loads of laundry up, and down- to our spider infested laundry room. I get the chills just remembering it! Then she babysat them through pottty training and cleaned up after their "accidents". :P

For Elijah she was there, once again for my 14 hour labour. She took care of Keona in the hospital and watched me beg and then yell for the anesthesiologist...and shamelessly greet the janitor when he walked in while I was finally relaxing in the jacuzzi. Elijah loved Sarah, she was the only other person he would fall asleep with.

Then came Jed....she was at the hospital to hold him while I passed out into my Demerol induced coma... (ha!) But Jed was different. He cried every time we left him with her...she babysat while our central air was broken on one of the hottest days of summer. (Bless her! lol)

She spent hours rocking him while he screamed relentlessly... Now, he loves her! Even if it's only for her phone...

And finally, Ella... she was there at the hospital again to laugh with me and make for a lighter mood while I waited for my 'not so scheduled' c-section.

I don't know how people do it without family nearby. We would have spent a fortune to pay someone to babysit all of our kids. Not to mention, they probably wouldn't come back after babysitting Jeddy! lol

So thank you 'Aunty Sarah' for everything. You are truly appreciated, and will be paid back some day when you have kids. Just think of all the babysitters you'll have to call on! :)

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