Monday, September 29, 2008

My Baby...

... is getting big! Ella is officially rolling over with ease now. So much for her sleeping on the couch. We've been pushing the coffee table up against the couch so she can't roll off, but she's really moving now!

We brought the walker up last week and she seems to like it. She's able to grab at the toys....but mostly she just likes to smile at herself in the mirror!

I think Jeddy is a little confused... he seems to think it's a new toy for him....haha.

On Friday night we sat around with the kids and ate homemade cookies with milk while we watched Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. I love how the kids think we're so smart for knowing a few of the answers! :P

During the day on Saturday, Scott and I took a nap...the kids went a little crazy with my camera while I was sleeping! lol
The last one is Prayer. Of course.
Saturday night, Scott and I went to the Freshmen Banquet at church. I spent most of the night walking around with Ella since it was during her grumpy-right before bed-time. Every time people started clapping, she would freak out and start crying. Poor girl!

Sunday was church, and naps. Just how we like it!

Notice the airplane? He has not put it down in two weeks now. We left it at home for church, and as soon as I picked him up from the nursery he said, "Airplane!?" And he literally tried to drag me out the doors at church to go home and get his airplane!

Now for a week of re-learning atoms and molecules with Keona! I'm actually enjoying science this time around! :P

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