Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Last Weekend of Relaxation (for a while anyways!)

On Friday, Scott and I went on the college Wonderland trip. I wasn't too excited to bring Ella and walk around all day, but decided I'd go for the funnel cake... :) We ended up spending the day with a few of the older couples and their kids. I'm so glad I decided to go, it was such a blessing. Not to mention, I got to go on Behemoth! Best roller coaster ever.

Camp YES was a huge hit once again this year, with the girls already making plans for next year when all 4 of them will go together... yikes! Whatever will I do with the silence that will overcome my house for a whole week??? I'm already making plans too! :P

No 'near drowning', or 'my horse took off running across a field!' stories this year. Just a safe, fun week at camp. Though, when I asked her if she went rock climbing- she told me, "No, I didn't have time for that." She was too busy catching praying Mantis' I'm sure... But, yes- our 'ring leader' has returned... loud as ever!

Oh, and I must mention how well organized my daughter was! Yes, MY daughter...she had all of her wet clothes in the laundry bag provided...she neatly put all of her Ziplocs in one, and then in the front pocket of her suitcase. Her bag still smelled like the bounce sheet I packed in it. She made me proud! lol Not so sure I can say the same about myself. On Saturday after we picked her up, we stopped at Walmart for a few things. I was in the centre aisle stocking up on the 10 cent duo tangs when I sent the whole box flying.... probably 200 of them...all over the main aisle of a packed-out Walmart... only me. Thankfully, I had the girls there to help pick them up.

Yesterday was our last day off for a long time. Our church had the annual labour day picnic. What a great time! The weather was amazing and the kids had a blast! I had fun watching them this year. They are finally old enough to go play on their own. I just had to worry about Jed and Ella. I took them on the crazy (and some may say dangerous! lol) hay ride, which is always a favourite.

I only went once though, Jed was too scared to go again!

I watched Elijah run, and then roll down a steep hill trying to catch the hayride before it left. He probably rolled 4 times right back up onto his feet to keep running. I'm sure everyone was wondering why I was laughing so hard.
They spent most of the day playing in the huge sandbox though, which was great...much easier to keep track of them all!

Notice anything missing?? Scott shaved off his goatee for college and though he's still unsure, I think he looks handsome as ever! ;) The last time he shaved it off was 6 years ago when the triplets were born. I just kept staring at him at first, and Jed would say, "Hair...all gone!" Keona was surprised when she got back from camp, and whispered to me, "He looks so much younger!"

As Keona said, "The sunlight is reflecting off your forehead!" lol
To sum it up... we had a great, relaxing, last weekend, before the insanity begins!

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