Monday, September 15, 2008

Jeddy's 2nd Birthday Party!

Last year I felt bad because we didn't really have a "party" for Jed's 1st birthday. (Not that he would remember anyhow) So this year we planned a little family get together. My parents and Robbie came, along with Scott's Mom.

It was so much fun watching him open presents. It's the first time that he'd remember getting presents, so his expression was priceless when he realized there were things for him inside all of these bags! He has been vehicle obsessed since summer started- with airplanes, buses, trucks, "cycles" (motorcycles)...pretty much anything that drives! We got him a Little People School bus, and Scott's parents got him the Plane and police car. My parents and Robbie bought him some clothes, and 2 little model airplanes. Oh yes, and his new "copter" pyjamas that he refused to take off the next day.

Now, what did he spend all weekend carrying around??? Not his 3 big, singing, music playing vehicles, with moving people and flashing lights...nope. But his little figurine airplanes. Figures...

The day before the party the girls and I baked him a chocolate cake.

His request was a "chocolate-geeeeen" (green) cake. So that's what we did. He managed to butcher it a bit when I wasn't looking.

Thankfully, we saved it and made him a fruit loop cake. It was the girls' idea. I was quite impressed!

I loved the look on his face when we all started singing and Scott brought in his cake! :)

After presents and cake Grandpa played with the kids. They love it when Grandpa's here to beat up on and throw them around.

When everyone went home it was time to relax.

Well, except for Ella. She still wanted to party!


  1. Ahhhh - that was a fun evening and Jeddy's face was priceless!!!

  2. I love the cake, are those fruit loops?? Looks so good I am going to go and get myself a snack now!

  3. Yes, they are fruit loops! My girls wanted to put some on the cake... :)


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