Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It Worked!

Or atleast it's getting the credit...I'm talking about that crazy concoction Scott and I drank the other day. Though we're both still a little stuffed up...this is the first time in 3 years now I think, that Scott hasn't had to get a prescription for a sinus infection! So I've concluded that it was definitely worth it! :)

I think we're finally getting back into a routine. I'm a HUGE fan of schedules and routines. Just ask Scott how crazy I go when he throws them off... :P
Up at 6:30-7am, chores done by 7:30, breakfast done by 8am...school starts (for us and Scott most days) at 8:30am. We usually finish school around 2pm, the same time Scott is done. He goes straight to work from school and doesn't get home until 2am. Last night I stayed up to see him, but I'm paying for it now...10 loads of laundry waiting for me and I'm ready to sleep at 9! I'm really hoping he has a less demanding schedule next semester. Talking to him on the phone while he drives to work everyday just isn't the same as seeing him...

Anyways, we did some colouring after school today and the kids built some stuff out of lego. Thought I'd share the picture Keona drew of me! :)

Don't you see the resemblance!? ;)

And a ship that Eve was very proud of!

Evie's so funny. She told me that she wanted to learn to play the piano so that 'one day when she marries a preacher, they'll already have a piano player at their church'. And she seems to be a natural. She has almost finished the first book, while Charity and Prayer are still on the first song! Poor girls, they must get their musical talent (or lack thereof) from me. Though they also seem to have my stubborness...or maybe "determination" is a better word for it... :P and they refused to wait another year to learn piano. They really want to learn, so atleast the effort helps... kind of...

Not like when I was a kid and my Mom had to remind me to practice constantly... no reminders here! And I listen to atleast 2 hours straight of piano practice everyday.


Anyhow! Just a normal, busy day here!

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