Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Jedidiah!

My youngest boy is turning two today. It was two years ago that my little monkey was born. Much more...mischievous than his older brother there is never a dull moment with Jed. Whether he's climbing on the counter, jumping off the table, helping himself to every banana on the counter, or filling toys with water... he is always busy with something. Up at the crack of dawn, and usually standing beside me, just waiting for me to peak-at which point he exclaims, "Morning!" with a huge dimpled grin.

He has always been a mamma's-boy. He actually use to get mad when Scott and I would hug. He'd try to push Scott away and hug me. He still loves to cuddle with his Mom.

I love this poem:
My Baby Boy and Me
Its 3 am they're all asleep
And no one's here to see
As we rock slowly back and forth
My Baby Boy and Me.
His little head is feather light
tucked up against my chin
I hold his tiny hand in mine
and stroke his baby skin.
The house about us creaks and groans
the clock hands creep around
He snuggles closer to me still
and makes his baby sounds.
I love these quiet hours so much
and cherish every one
store memories up inside my heart
for lonely nights to come.
All too soon he'll be grown up
his need for Mama gone
but until then I still have time
for kisses and for song.
Time for quiet hours like this
with him cuddled in my arms
where I wish he'd always stay
protected safe and warm.
And yet I know the day will come
when this tiny little hand
will be much bigger than my own
he'll grow to be a man.
But until then he's mine to love
with no one here to see
as we rock slowly back and forth
my baby boy and me.
~ Jane Triplett ~

So, happy birthday to my sweet and troublesome Jeddy!


  1. Happy Birthday Jeddy!!!
    can't believe he's already two... where has the time gone?!?

  2. Ah.... great poem and pictures... hard to remember when he fit in that bowl!


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