Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend In North Bay

Our drive out there was fun. We found out if you open the front windows not only does the noise of the wind put Ella to sleep....but you can't hear all the noise coming from the back seats! :P

We were planning to make a stop at High Falls for a picnic lunch. Fortunately, the night before we looked it up online to find out exactly how to get there...because when we did we learned that the beach there was "clothing optional"....yikes. :O Needless to say, we didn't stop there for lunch!
When we arrived all the kids ran out of the van to hug Jessica. Jeddy was walking with me when their huge dog 'Blue' came running to greet us. Jed started screaming, "No! No! Moooommm!!! Up! Up!" lol....poor guy was terrified! Soon after Jess became his best friend as she would pick him up whenever Blue was around! :)

The girls loved running around outside in their huge yard, and climbing their's an amazing place for kids to grow up. And $60,000 for 100 acres would be quite tempting if Scott had work up there.

I think that Elijah's favourite part of it was the Star Wars lego! lol Scott has 3 huge bins of little lego, but hasn't let the kids into it yet... I think we may have to after this weekend.

Oh yes, he also loved playing with Blue. :)

Jeddy slept in the same bed with Scott and I, as Ella was in the playpen this year. That, was an experience! I haven't slept with him since he was a baby...that kid is restless! He slapped and kicked Scott and I all night long! The second night I hugged his arms against his body and cuddled him all night so he couldn't get his hands free to smack me in the face every 5 minutes~ lol

On Saturday morning Keona went fishing with Scott and Mr. Brooks. You know the saying, 'A picture is worth a thousand words"?...

Her first catch was a 3lb small mouth Bass. She was quite proud of herself! lol
She also caught 2 of the smaller ones!
Jeddy wanted to touch the "fishy"!
Mr. Brooks cleaning one of the fish. Keona caught us a wonderful dinner! :) Mmmm..

The Waterlily Keona picked me while fishing!

Charity, Eve and Prayer spent most of the time helping Mrs. Brooks cook and bake. They also played alot of tic tac toe and hangman with Jess. What a blessing the Brooks have been to our family!

On Sunday we went to church with them and Scott preached during all 3 services. He did an excellent job, and his sermons were very convicting. The people there were so friendly and it was a great day! After church we left to go back home.
It was a bittersweet feeling when we drove back into the was nice to be "home"... but on the other hand... I miss the laid back, slow pace, of life in the country.

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  1. Awwww, I'm glad you all had so much fun and NO you can't move to North Bay!!!


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