Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Quick overview of the weekend...

I've been slacking off in my blogging lately! Nothing overly exciting has happened... just busy with lots of small stuff!

Last Friday I took all the kids to the splash pad by my parents house in Brooklin. Dad and Robbie came with us too. They had a blast! Dad and I just sat in the blazing sun chatting while I tried to protect Ella's baby skin from the harmful UV rays.... It was actually sunny out! Well, until we got home and left the stroller in the driveway...it then- of course, began to pour. The rain stopped in time for soccer that night. Scott rode his bike over with all the kids.... it's hilarious to watch! :)

Jed ate snacks with his little buddy Alex at the soccer game.

On Saturday we basically just stayed home and relaxed. Well....except for Scott taking two of the girls out and getting everything he needed to build my new closet doors! :D Yay! Our front closet finally has doors... and Scott did an amazing job. Our neighbour wants him to do work in her house too!
The kids and I reorganized the shoes...
...just a few pairs...honest.
I also took Keona out shopping so she could spend her birthday money... I'll write more about that tomorrow...

Oh yeah...and I made a delicious New York Style Cheesecake! After the kids were in bed I cut out two slices for Scott and I to eat. As I lifted the spring-form pan to put it in the fridge.... the clasp broke and my $20 cheesecake literally exploded all over the floor... only me...at least we each got a slice.

On Sunday we had a great day at church! I came home and slept all afternoon, and then I was in Jed's nursery Sunday night. Jeddy and his friend Jackie are so cute together! They love sharing their snacks and feeding each other!

Thankfully Monday was a holiday. Scott let me sleep in and I came downstairs to a hot tea and clean kitchen! What an amazing hubby I have. :)

Later on I took Keona and her friend Nicholas for a bike ride around the neighbourhood. Keona almost got hit by a car.... well not really... but more than close enough for my liking! I now understand why my Mom was so mad when she saw me and my friends riding recklessly up and down the streets.

Now for a quick story from today....

I left Charity in the living room alone with Ella and Nicole this morning while I went upstairs to wake up Scott. Nicole was in her high chair finishing breakfast and Ella was asleep on the couch... While I was upstairs I heard Ella start to cry, so I came back down. As I walked through the doorway I noticed that Ella wasn't in her spot on the couch where I left her.... and Charity was busy playing with Nicole. I'm thinking 'Where is Ella!?" As I pass the chair I can see her legs hanging off the other end of the couch, where Jed is trying to wrap a blanket around her and pick her up! I grabbed her before she fell, but man....I nearly had a heart attack! And Jeddy is just saying "Hold her! Crying...."
I want to know how he flipped her over and got her to the other end of the couch...

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  1. Oh my... your little boy is just too helpful!


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