Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Keona's blades

Keona has always been good at saving her money. She either saves and buys what she was saving for... or ends up spending her money on someone else before then.

She got some money for her birthday and had $60 to spend. I had talked about going rollerblading, so she decided that she wanted to get a pair of Rollerblades to go with me! I took her to toys r' us and they only had really little kid ones, so we were off to Sport Chek. Their Rollerblades were on clearance, which meant better prices... but less selection. After trying on the only girls pair they had in her size, we found out they were $129! And that was on sale! Keona knew she didn't have enough, and I wasn't willing to spend more than$20 extra. She saw the boys skates and said she'd take them instead. They were only $70...the sweet lady that was helping us was so impressed by Keona's good attitude that she told her she'd give her the girls' skates for the same price! :) Keona was SO excited! She had to try them out as soon as we got home. (In the living room...)

She practiced outside today with Robbie too!

This was the end result...

She still needs a little practice. :)

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  1. I think we have to help her get some more meat on her bones to help take those falls! (that and better coordination ) She is just so sweet and beautiful!


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