Thursday, August 21, 2008

I guess she was hungry!

Yesterday while I was getting the boys ready for church I could hear Ella downstairs screaming... So I asked Charity to pick her up and try to rock her to sleep. I came downstairs about 5 minutes later and Charity was doing a great job! Ella had her mouth on Charity's arm and she was almost asleep. Then Charity announced, "She's been sucking on my arm. I think she's hungry." So I took Ella to feed her and saw what she had done to her sister... lol

Last night we went out to Pastor Johnson's church in Richmond Hill to hear Dr. Streeter preach. What a blessing! After the service we were able to go out for dessert with Scott's family, and the Streeters. The kids got huge waffles with ice cream...there aren't any pictures because I was holding sleeping Ella. :) But it was a fantastic night. I'm so thankful for great family and friends!
Here are the boys when we finally got home around eleven thirty.

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  1. Oh, my poor Charity - what a good big sister you are! When Ella gets bigger you can show her this!


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