Friday, August 29, 2008

Flashback Friday: A Visit from Uncle Robbie

Robbie and Keona both look so mischievous here! This was the age where they would fight all day and get mad at the triplets for "ruining" all of their games!

Notice how 'Flower' made the picture... he is in almost every photo I have of Keona at this age. She still carries him around every day. Though, I refused to let her bring him to camp. I can only imagine the problems that would ensue from her leaving him there. I can hear Scott now, "No, I am NOT driving 4 hours to pick up a stuffed dog..."

But it amazes me- how well they get along now.
Well....other than Robbie being annoyed by how much Keona talks! :P

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  1. oh my - they make me think of Jeddy in the top pic - kinda don't turn your back... just in case!
    Love your blog honey, thanks for doing this!!!


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