Thursday, August 14, 2008

Did someone say... beans!?!?

Jeddy is SO my child. Not that I was anything like him when I was younger...though I'm sure my Mom wishes I had his eating habits. This kid will eat anything! Seriously... He has oddly enough, always loved vegetables. We'd put a plate of chicken, rice and broccoli in front of him and the broccoli would be gone instantly. Then he would ask for more! As any parent would do when their child is asking for veggies...we gave him more. I have this theory that taste buds begin to form in the womb... I think I've even seen a study done on it. Anyhow, it was when I was pregnant with Jed that my obsession with broccoli began. I couldn't get enough of it...raw, steamed, baked, with cheese...however....I would eat it. It has been really hard to avoid it while I've been nursing Ella. (See "peppermilk" post...well broccoli does the same thing apparently!) As a substitute for my broccoli cravings, I've been cooking a lot of beans and carrots. Not quite the same but it does the trick. For Jed too apparently! Tonight at dinner he didn't touch his rice, ate all his beans and asked for more. When I didn't respond quickly enough for his likings, he reached out and pulled over the entire bowl of veggies...and then proceeded to eat right out of it. Me and the girls kinda laughed and I let him go at it.

Ten minutes later I was cleaning up and he was still going....

Like I said... this kid can eat!

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  1. I've always known Jeddy was a weird one... and I bet you all those beans are going straight to his earlobes!!!;)


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