Monday, August 11, 2008

Day at the zoo!

Last Friday we made our first trip this summer to the Toronto Zoo. We took Nicole, (the girl I babysit)Robbie, and Scott's Mom came to help out with all the kids. It was raining (of course) in the morning but we decided to go anyways. It rained on and off pretty much all day long, but it was perfect for the zoo. Sure beats a full sun, 30 degree- while 7 months pregnant day at the zoo- like the last trip we made!

We went to the sting ray exhibit first thing, as it wasn't really busy yet. All the kids were in awe. I touched 1....they're extremely slimy. I wasn't all that interested in touching anymore. But like I was saying... the kids loved it!

Ella stayed in the sling most of the day. Scott took her for a little while to give my back a break. Never could have done the sling with my boys... lol

We stopped for a snack break and the triplets were sitting on a bench together eating...when a camp group or something went by. Three ladies stopped in front of their bench and were like, "Look! It's triplets! Somebody take a picture!" haha...and everyone with them stopped to look. I'm sure the girls felt like one of the exhibits! lol

The monkeys were a favourite. (Like always) We got to hear the male lion roar, something I've never heard before. It was pretty amazing. But the biggest hit of the day had to be ....the water park. lol Yep, even in the rain. :)

Scott was pretty exhausted by about 3pm (after working 13 hours the day before and getting 6 hours sleep) we decided to head out.
We were in seperate vehicles so figured we'd just meet at home. That time of day I knew the 401 would be busy... but it was packed. So I was doing the whole stop and go thing, leaving lots of space when I saw a van coming up behind us pretty quickly. The lady driving wasn't looking but I kept thinking, 'She's going to stop...she'll look up..." I let off the brake just incase, and sure enough, "SMACK!" right into our bumper. The kids were all saying, "Someone hit us!!?? Someone hit our van!??" I was trying not to react, but honestly thought my bumper would be hanging off...she hit us pretty hard. I pulled over and so did the old lady, thankfully there was no damage. So back on the hiway we go (not that it was going) and Keona says, " I didn't like when that lady hit our van.."

Just after passing an exit I turned on the radio and heard that the hiway was closed up ahead, that's when I put the van in park and sat there for 40 minutes...

So finally we get home, where Scott and the boys have been sitting there playing video games for 30 minutes. Scott got off at that exit we drove past...

Anyhow, we were home- finally! Now it was time to make dinner, eat dinner, and get ready for soccer! I sat and relaxed with Ella while Jed played in the wet sand pit. The triplets and ELijah practiced with Grandma....and Keona played half a game before joining Jeddy in the sand pit. But Scott, who was exhausted and sore 4 hours before....played soccer for 2 hours. lol Alot of people didn't show up because of the rain, so the dads played with the bigger kids.

The kids after playing in the wet sand...

Jeddy saying, "Airpane! Air- pane!" Yes, he manages to hear and point out every single airplane that goes over head. lol

All in all it was a good day...a long, and tiring, but good day. :)

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  1. Your energy never ceases to amaze me....way to go Super Mom! and you are an amazing driver too (like Mom, like Daughter.... great decision to let off the brake!).
    and of course we thank God for all of it (the day, the safe ending to the accident, etc.)


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