Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Bye Doda!!"

Yesterday morning, Keona left for her second year at Camp YES. It was a little bit easier to say good bye to my Keona for a whole week this year. Last year I was terrified! I cried the entire way home after dropping her off. I'm not sure why...maybe I thought she couldn't survive a week without Mommy? More likely that I wouldn't survive the week without her! She is my sanity when Scott isn't around. Helping out with kids, dishes, laundry, cooking, or sometimes just a chat over our decaf tea... :) Keona has always been such an independent and social child. She did say she cried the first night, but by Saturday she didn't want to leave! She has talked about going back ever since she came home last year.

Though it's a good thing my little weakling has her big uncle Robbie there. When we arrived he ran over right away to carry her suitcase for her. What a gentleman!

This year Prayer cried, saying Keona was her "best buddy" and she didn't want her to go away for a whole week! Jeddy just stood there saying, "Bye bye Doda!" (which is what he calls Keona for those who don't know)

I think I will send her a mushy email today (which they read aloud in the dining hall) calling her "Noodle", and telling her that I've hired a maid and nanny to take her place... :P Seriously, I would trust my house in the hands of Keona long before most adults! She could run this place.

Well, she'll be back on Saturday with tons of pictures and stories I'm sure. Until then...we miss you Doda!

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  1. Ahhhhh Keona is such a good big sister! She reminds me so much of her Mommy... who was always very independent too!


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