Friday, August 29, 2008

Flashback Friday: A Visit from Uncle Robbie

Robbie and Keona both look so mischievous here! This was the age where they would fight all day and get mad at the triplets for "ruining" all of their games!

Notice how 'Flower' made the picture... he is in almost every photo I have of Keona at this age. She still carries him around every day. Though, I refused to let her bring him to camp. I can only imagine the problems that would ensue from her leaving him there. I can hear Scott now, "No, I am NOT driving 4 hours to pick up a stuffed dog..."

But it amazes me- how well they get along now.
Well....other than Robbie being annoyed by how much Keona talks! :P

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Special Bond...

Considering the fact that our 4 oldest girls share one room- and one bunk bed...Yes, I said one bunk bed.... you'd think that when one of them was away they would be fighting over who gets the empty bed!
Two of them were going to sleep on the top, and one on the bottom... but here's what I found when I went up to check on them...
All three cuddled up on the bottom bunk. They told me in the morning, that it was because Eve (who was on the bottom) felt lonely.
What a special bond they have! Sure, like any siblings-they have their fights. I think we could learn something from how they "never go to bed angry". They can't! Because none of them are able to sleep if they're alone...They've never had to. It has always been this way....
And a mother can hope that it always will... ;)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Bye Doda!!"

Yesterday morning, Keona left for her second year at Camp YES. It was a little bit easier to say good bye to my Keona for a whole week this year. Last year I was terrified! I cried the entire way home after dropping her off. I'm not sure why...maybe I thought she couldn't survive a week without Mommy? More likely that I wouldn't survive the week without her! She is my sanity when Scott isn't around. Helping out with kids, dishes, laundry, cooking, or sometimes just a chat over our decaf tea... :) Keona has always been such an independent and social child. She did say she cried the first night, but by Saturday she didn't want to leave! She has talked about going back ever since she came home last year.

Though it's a good thing my little weakling has her big uncle Robbie there. When we arrived he ran over right away to carry her suitcase for her. What a gentleman!

This year Prayer cried, saying Keona was her "best buddy" and she didn't want her to go away for a whole week! Jeddy just stood there saying, "Bye bye Doda!" (which is what he calls Keona for those who don't know)

I think I will send her a mushy email today (which they read aloud in the dining hall) calling her "Noodle", and telling her that I've hired a maid and nanny to take her place... :P Seriously, I would trust my house in the hands of Keona long before most adults! She could run this place.

Well, she'll be back on Saturday with tons of pictures and stories I'm sure. Until then...we miss you Doda!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend In North Bay

Our drive out there was fun. We found out if you open the front windows not only does the noise of the wind put Ella to sleep....but you can't hear all the noise coming from the back seats! :P

We were planning to make a stop at High Falls for a picnic lunch. Fortunately, the night before we looked it up online to find out exactly how to get there...because when we did we learned that the beach there was "clothing optional"....yikes. :O Needless to say, we didn't stop there for lunch!
When we arrived all the kids ran out of the van to hug Jessica. Jeddy was walking with me when their huge dog 'Blue' came running to greet us. Jed started screaming, "No! No! Moooommm!!! Up! Up!" lol....poor guy was terrified! Soon after Jess became his best friend as she would pick him up whenever Blue was around! :)

The girls loved running around outside in their huge yard, and climbing their's an amazing place for kids to grow up. And $60,000 for 100 acres would be quite tempting if Scott had work up there.

I think that Elijah's favourite part of it was the Star Wars lego! lol Scott has 3 huge bins of little lego, but hasn't let the kids into it yet... I think we may have to after this weekend.

Oh yes, he also loved playing with Blue. :)

Jeddy slept in the same bed with Scott and I, as Ella was in the playpen this year. That, was an experience! I haven't slept with him since he was a baby...that kid is restless! He slapped and kicked Scott and I all night long! The second night I hugged his arms against his body and cuddled him all night so he couldn't get his hands free to smack me in the face every 5 minutes~ lol

On Saturday morning Keona went fishing with Scott and Mr. Brooks. You know the saying, 'A picture is worth a thousand words"?...

Her first catch was a 3lb small mouth Bass. She was quite proud of herself! lol
She also caught 2 of the smaller ones!
Jeddy wanted to touch the "fishy"!
Mr. Brooks cleaning one of the fish. Keona caught us a wonderful dinner! :) Mmmm..

The Waterlily Keona picked me while fishing!

Charity, Eve and Prayer spent most of the time helping Mrs. Brooks cook and bake. They also played alot of tic tac toe and hangman with Jess. What a blessing the Brooks have been to our family!

On Sunday we went to church with them and Scott preached during all 3 services. He did an excellent job, and his sermons were very convicting. The people there were so friendly and it was a great day! After church we left to go back home.
It was a bittersweet feeling when we drove back into the was nice to be "home"... but on the other hand... I miss the laid back, slow pace, of life in the country.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I guess she was hungry!

Yesterday while I was getting the boys ready for church I could hear Ella downstairs screaming... So I asked Charity to pick her up and try to rock her to sleep. I came downstairs about 5 minutes later and Charity was doing a great job! Ella had her mouth on Charity's arm and she was almost asleep. Then Charity announced, "She's been sucking on my arm. I think she's hungry." So I took Ella to feed her and saw what she had done to her sister... lol

Last night we went out to Pastor Johnson's church in Richmond Hill to hear Dr. Streeter preach. What a blessing! After the service we were able to go out for dessert with Scott's family, and the Streeters. The kids got huge waffles with ice cream...there aren't any pictures because I was holding sleeping Ella. :) But it was a fantastic night. I'm so thankful for great family and friends!
Here are the boys when we finally got home around eleven thirty.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Wasaga beach and Watermelon Sunday

On Saturday we took the kids to Wasaga Beach for Matty's 3rd birthday party. We planned on getting up early and having lots of extra time to get there...well, that never happens. Instead we woke up at 9am to Jeddy wolfing down those Mike Ike candies. Sneaky kid- Scott said he's going to replace them with the Hot Tamale ones... :O

We got a little lost on our way up there...well not really "lost". We just missed our turn... (right hun? lol) But it was a nice...umm..."scenic" drive! Finally we got there, a little late...but we were there. The kids had been talking about this for the past month, so they were extremely excited! Begging me to get into their swim suits the minute we arrived. But Ella was hungry and they had to wait. So they played in the huge jumping castle they had for the party!

The kids had a great time and didn't want to leave. They did change in swimsuits and play in the water for a bit. I forgot little swimmers for Jed, so he looked like he had some major 'junk in his trunk' with the 10lb diaper bulging out of his shorts. Ha. He didn't seem to mind!

It was a gorgeous day, and terrific party!

Happy 3rd Birthday Matty!

On the way home we stopped at McDonald's for dinner. Which is a very rare occurrence for us. Especially me...I don't remember the last time I had McDonalds. Or any fast food for that matter!

We got home early enough that Scott and I got to cuddle up and watch a movie together too!

On Sunday we actually got up on time! Well, I did anyways... :P And not only did we get up on time...but we left on time too! :) We went to our church in the morning and then headed out to meet Nana,Papa, and Nadine for lunch at Momtana's. Dr. and Mrs. Streeter are up visiting so we got to see them as well.

We went back to Nana and Papa's after and the girls played dominoes with Mrs. Streeter while I tried unsuccessfully to put Ella to sleep...but no, she refuses to sleep while we are out.
We went to church with them that night and enjoyed some great preaching. After the service they had ice cream and watermelon for everyone.

I don't know what possessed us to try and get a family picture.. but here's how it turned out....

Notice Charity's face?

When I saw the picture I thought, "You MUST be kidding me! Seriously??? What was she doing???" Then Scott and I had to laugh... It's always every picture.

This one is a little better....Still Charity with the face. Maybe she was showing off her missing tooth? Her neck muscles? Who least no one is picking their nose.
Oma also brought each of the kids a teddy bear. They were all so excited!

Did I mention that each of those bears sang a different song? Scott told them they'd have to leave them in the trunk for the ride home. But since I was driving the van I said it was OK to keep them... I didn't mind. ha... I starting regretting that decision about 5 minutes into the drive while I was listening to Ella scream and, "I'm going to the chapel, and I'm gonna get married....
L- is for the way you look at me! O- is for the only one I see...Sweet sweeet baby..." and so on.

Ahh... someday I'll miss having a van full of noisy kids.

But for now..maybe I'll invest in some ear plugs.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Flashback Friday: Little Jaclyn

The kids decided I should make it "even" and do one of myself too... so here it is! :)

My Dad and I on a boat in '1000 Islands"

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Did someone say... beans!?!?

Jeddy is SO my child. Not that I was anything like him when I was younger...though I'm sure my Mom wishes I had his eating habits. This kid will eat anything! Seriously... He has oddly enough, always loved vegetables. We'd put a plate of chicken, rice and broccoli in front of him and the broccoli would be gone instantly. Then he would ask for more! As any parent would do when their child is asking for veggies...we gave him more. I have this theory that taste buds begin to form in the womb... I think I've even seen a study done on it. Anyhow, it was when I was pregnant with Jed that my obsession with broccoli began. I couldn't get enough of it...raw, steamed, baked, with cheese...however....I would eat it. It has been really hard to avoid it while I've been nursing Ella. (See "peppermilk" post...well broccoli does the same thing apparently!) As a substitute for my broccoli cravings, I've been cooking a lot of beans and carrots. Not quite the same but it does the trick. For Jed too apparently! Tonight at dinner he didn't touch his rice, ate all his beans and asked for more. When I didn't respond quickly enough for his likings, he reached out and pulled over the entire bowl of veggies...and then proceeded to eat right out of it. Me and the girls kinda laughed and I let him go at it.

Ten minutes later I was cleaning up and he was still going....

Like I said... this kid can eat!


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