Monday, July 14, 2008


A while back we had decided to get the girls (all 4 of them) a Wii for their birthdays. Since we have all 4 in July it seemed to make sense. We hadn't realized how hard it was to find a Wii though... Scott managed to get a hold of one about a month ago and we've had it hidden in our closet since then. Resisting the urge to "try it out" before giving it to the kids! ;)

Then we decided we should get them the "Fit" system to go with it...well, we soon learned that it was 10x harder to find a Fit than it is to find the Wii! After calling every Walmart and Toys R' Us in Durham...we found a Future Shop that had just gotten a shipment that morning! The Supercentre had also gotten a shipment in, but sold out 15 minutes after opening!
Anyways, this past Saturday we had a family birthday BBQ for our girls and Sarah. They were extremely excited when they opened the Wii! Despite the fact that Scott had convinced them we bought them each their own cell phone... :? lol. (Keona was hoping hers was black!...)

Scott and I had set it all up on Friday night so they could play right away on Saturday. We were both still sore the next day from boxing! Man... it's tiring.

They boxed with eachother...

And Papa... who almost punched Keona in the back of the head for real! lol

Elijah did get hit in the face while walking behind Scott and Adam bowling...dangerous stuff....but so much fun to watch! :)

We all slept very well Saturday night.

I give Wii a definite 2 thumbs up... great exercise and entertainment, for kids and adults! :)

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