Saturday, July 12, 2008


The kids just finished a fun filled week of Vacation Bible School! They rode the big red bus this year. They were so excited to get to go out to the street every morning and wait for the bus to pick them up!

Not to mention, they got to be as loud as they wanted and eat tons of snacks on there too!

It was Elijah's first time going this year. I was a little nervous about sending him because of how shy he can be, but I figured he'd be OK with his big sisters there. And he was...after the first day he came home and told me he was Miss. Rachel's boyfriend. And he continually chanted "Rachel is the be-est! Rachel rules, Dustin drools!" All night long...LOL

The girls had invited all their friends in our neighbourhood, and 2 of them ended up going with them. Our next door neighbour Nicole, went with Keona and got saved the last day on the bus! Keona was ecstatic that two of her friends she has been praying for are now saved. She once again used her money and bought Nicole her own Bible. She's following in Daddy's footsteps...I'm just waiting for her to come home one day and tell me she needs a new Bible because she gave hers to someone who didn't have one...

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