Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Trio's birthday party!

Last Saturday we had the birthday party for Charity, Eve and Prayer. We decided to make it an "outdoor" party to avoid all the cleaning that has to come before, and all the mess that is left after... it turned out to be a good idea. All the kids had a great time and it was a perfect day out. Not a cloud in the sky! They played games, chased Scott with water bombs, ate cake, and a ton of watermelon.

We had also decided to do face painting...which may have been a better idea on a cooler day. All of the paints melted in the sun! It was quite a mess by the time I finished the last face.... But the kids still thought it was great!

Jed was exhausted from running around in the heat and he actually fell asleep on our swing twice during the party!

Scott and Elijah were a little hyper by the end of the day... I got these pictures of them and just had to laugh... oh man. It's a little bit scary! LOL

I just have to add this because I think it's cute! Notice their milk...

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