Friday, July 25, 2008

Swimming Lessons

This has been a BUSY week! I knew it was going to be when I signed 5 kids up for swimming lessons everyday of the week at 10am! :) Today was the last day and they all did wonderfully! Keona passed Red Cross Swim Kids 2! She really enjoys it, and she had the same teacher as in swim kids 1... She adored him, and he is great with the kids. I think she may have found her sport! It seems to come naturally to her...she is actually swimming! :D
She was actually happy at swimming...she just wasn't expecting this picture....

Funny how when I was pregnant with the triplets I thought about how neat it would be to have identicals, and how fun it would be to dress them alike....yet I never thought about how much attention it would bring! Every single Mom at the swimming pool commented on them. I heard, "You sure have your hands full!" More times than I could count, and the ones who didn't comment... I saw point or heard whisper, ".....triplets....." lol. There aren't any paparazzi or anything but I feel like I'm out with celebrities! lol

Now, none of this would have been possible without my new best friend! :) On Monday I pumped and left Ella with Scott...but it was a hassle and I didn't really feel up to doing it again.... so we brought her. Which would have been difficult in a stroller or car seat, but not in my brand new sling that Scott bought me! It just looks like a bag from the outside...

...but on the inside! :)

She LOVES it! Which is extremely helpful considering she hates her carseat and the stroller! Not to mention, my hands are free! So while she sleeps in her "womb like" setting I can help the kids get changed after swimming and carry bags etc...
How did I ever live without it!?!?

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