Thursday, July 3, 2008

Here Comes Trouble....

Today....we had an adventure.

After lunch I got the kids ready and took them outside. Nicole was getting tired and a little cranky, so I brought her back in to put her down for a nap. Jeddy followed me in, and then came back out a minute or two after me. (he was drinking his water when I came down so I just went outside to watch the other kids)

About half an hour later, we cleaned up and I went to put the phone inside so I could help....the door was locked! Just last week we had a new door installed, and I forgot that this one has a lock on the knob that can be locked from inside so when you close the door you can't get back in! Jeddy must have locked the knob before coming back out! I immediately start to panic...(on the inside anyhow...I don't want the kids to see that I'm panicking!) I check all the windows and of course they're all locked...we have the AC on all day. So I call Scott, the only other person with the new key....and no answer! I don't know why... but I call my Mom... no...there is nothing she can do about it lol...I was just freaking out. We had ordered pizza and it was going to be there in a few minutes. So I think, "I'll just pay the pizza guy...and we can eat outside...WAIT...the money is inside too! What am I going to tell the pizza guy!???" "Well....we could just get in the van and drive keys are INSIDE....duh!" "Oh my goodness... Nicole is inside!!!" Now I'm REALLY freaking out...and decide that I'm going to try and remove the glass pane that's beside the front door. I can't find anything to use outside and Robbie is asking me if I want him to break a window...LOL I go to ask the neighbour for a screwdriver and he says, "What kind?" I'm like...any kind! lol...I explained to him what happened and he said he'd come take a look.... He takes out his wallet and says, "Not that I've ever done this before..." 30 seconds later he pops the door open with his credit card... YES!!! We're inside! I'm ready to hurt Jeddy...but we're inside!
I thanked our neighbour ... and decided that I'm buying a chain lock for our door....What a day.

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