Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

...and Happy 21st Birthday to my beautiful sister Sarah! Wow, it doesn't seem long ago when you were turning 10, and so excited to be in the 'double digits'! lol

I LOVE my kids. Not only do I love my kids... but I really LIKE my kids too! :) Scott and I had a great day with them today. We took the kids up to Port Perry for a Canada day celebration in Palmer's Park, which is right on Lake Scugog. Gorgeous park... anyhow, it actually wasn't as busy as we expected. They all lined up to get their faces painted, everyone wanted to except for Prayer... who ended up changing her mind last minute when she saw all of her sisters'. Elijah was super excited to look like spiderman! lol

We had a pizza picnic and then decided to head down to Grandma's for a bit before the fireworks.

We all went to the park together and told the kids that they would NOT be getting wet in the splash pad...

Yep... Scott started it.
But they had so much fun! And it was hilarious to watch. Jeddy ran back into the park after and had sand stuck all over his legs...and Elijah kept asking me, "Do I still look like spiderman!??" Not to mention he was very upset to see the red paint all over his "new favourite shirt"!

We dried clothes and had snacks at Grandma's and then headed back up to Port Perry. It was a lot busier now, but we found a nice spot. The kids were given Canadian flags and pins, and we waited for the fireworks to start... I haven't been since I was a really little kid, so I was excited too! :) It was a great show!

Poor Ella jumped with every blast that went off! lol

The kids were in awe, and couldn't wait to draw pictures of the fireworks! They were already planning Canada Day for next year on the way home! :)

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  1. Oh my... such a busy day and you still had time to tell people about it afterwards.... Jaclyn you are amazing! Love you all


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