Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday!!!

Six years ago at this time I was recovering in my hospital bed, wanting nothing more than to go hold my precious little 4lb babies. I remember sitting in bed and looking at the Polaroids the nurses had taken for me....and sending Scott, over and over again, to the NICU to check on the babies and make sure everything was OK. I remember being positive that they had mixed the babies up and the one they were calling Charity was actually What memories....

People ask me what it was like to have triplet babies, and honestly- I have a hard time remembering! Which makes me sad.... Things were definitely busy...not chaotic...just busy.

Charity was always 'Daddy's girl'. She loved to be cuddled and was so content to sleep with Daddy. She is a definite 'people pleaser'.
Eve was our biggest, at 4lbs 1oz. That girl liked to eat! We use to joke that Eve never spit up because she didn't believe in wasting food! Eve is a sweetheart. An 'old soul'.
Prayer was always causing a stir. She refused to latch for a good while. She choked on her vitamins and had us in a panic...Now she is just crazy! Still, she is always up to something!
It has been amazing to watch them grow. To see the relationship they have with eachother and how inseparable they are. They can't sleep alone...they've never had to. I remember how they use to sleep side by side in the crib and they would suck on the back of eachother's heads when they woke up and were looking to nurse. lol. They still sleep side by side, or sometimes stacked three high! So many memories...way too many to list here!
I feel blessed to have been chosen to be their mother.
So Happy Birthday to my three beautiful 6 year olds!


  1. Happy Birthday. You guys look fabulous. Love you and see you soon. Pa Pa


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