Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gummy Smiles

I really miss those "gummy" smiles when they start to get their teeth in...Those first few smiles that aren't just from gas! Ella has just started to respond to us. She is happiest first thing in the morning when she sees all of brohers and sisters. It's fun to watch her look at them, and get all worked up and smiley. The girls think it is the sweetest thing, and are constantly trying to get her to smile now! So I just thought I would share pictures of some of her first smiles!
Even Jed has started to take notice of her more now...


  1. very cute... nice video too! what music was in the background...?

  2. haha not sure... it was the t.v. :)

  3. My comment to Mom was the same as Lil's///// great minds think alike eh!


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