Thursday, June 26, 2008

The weekend and the girls....

It's almost here....the long weekend!!!! Scott has been working so many hours lately it seems like we don't see him all week. I cherish our "teeeeaaaa" and "copeeeee" (as Jeddy says it) time in the morning. Where we get to sit (usually with a child, or two...or three.... :) and recap our previous day together, talk about our plans for this day, about what the kids have done and said...and really just enjoy eachothers' company. So we've really been looking forward to this five day weekend.

This morning I told the girls that we had a surprise for them on Tuesday. They started guessing like always...and were WAY off base like always... "Marineland?! The CN Tower!??"- Then Keona pipes up, "Tuesday is Canada day....fireworks!?!?" Well, I try to hide it by saying, "Noo...." but I have a slight grin on my face...surprised by her guess. (seeing as we have never taken them to fireworks before) She then says, " I see that smile!! It is fireworks!!!!! I can tell by your face!" haha... They are getting smarter...and not so easy to trick anymore.

We also had an interesting conversation tonight when the girls heard on the news that a baby had been born in a car on the side of the road... (A conversation that hadn't been initiated yet because I've had c sections...that's easy to explain! :P) Anyhow... Eve says, "Her stomach just popped open and the baby came out?!" haha ummmmm?...

Me: "No....most babies aren't born by c section like you guys were..."

Girls: "Well, how are they born then???"

(Me explaining how babies are naturally born.....)

Prayer: "That's just weird!"

Keona: "That sounds PAINFUL!" (stops to think....) "I want to have c sections when I have babies!"

Charity (who has been sitting there thinking this whole time...) : "So the baby just POPPED OUT????"

haha...Oooh, the fun conversations we will have.

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