Saturday, June 14, 2008

Swimming, Shopping and Swinging!

Today is the girls' swimming lessons. I'm really looking forward to them being we can actually have a sleep in day! :P Definitely not picking the Saturday at 9am class next time... We brought Elijah to swimming with us so he could come shopping for Father's day afterwards. So we headed to the mall, and as soon as we got in there, Ella started crying.... so we went over to the bench and I fed and burped her. We headed over to Old Navy and then she started I was carrying her around, pushing the stroller (or watching Keona push it), keeping track of 5 kids and picking out clothes. I seriously started to think I was nuts! Anyhow, we got our shopping done and stopped for milkshakes on the way home. Which Ella slept through! :)

Robbie came over this afternoon and it was such a nice day, we spent most of it outside.

Keona improved her tree climbing device...she turned it into a swing! Now we have all the neighbourhood kids here to swing on Keona's skipping rope. She's quite the inventor. She didn't give up even after failing over and over again for like 2 weeks now. :)

Scott and I did some gardening. I'm quite pleased with our garden now. I LOVE my peonies, I just wish my hydrangeas would bloom....

Yesterday Scott took Elijah out to get his very own bike. Before he only had his sisters' princess bikes to ride. He didn't seem to mind up until last week. I asked him why he was riding the baby bike, and he said, "Because I don't want to ride a Cinderella bike...." haha. He's getting older I guess. Scott was quite happy to take him out and get a "cool" boy's bike!

We also took all the training wheels off the triplets' bikes! Eve learned how to ride a two-wheeler! Prayer is still practicing...she gave in and rode on Elijah's after a while. lol We noticed that Prayer is easily bored with things, and doesn't like them if she isn't immediately good at it....much like I was as a kid. :P

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