Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Poor Jed...

As if he didn't have it bad enough with the he was playing with his sisters, and Keona picked him up and put him on Prayer's back. Of course...he fell off. The poor little guy hit his ear on the edge of the coffee table and split it open. He got blood all over Scott's shirt and had to keep it bandaged up the rest of the day.

Other than that...we had a great day! :) Robbie came over and ate 6 plates of spaghetti! (Which ended up making him sick...) But we played outside, they rode bikes, caught worms, played catch and tried to climb a tree.

Not just "climb" a tree...but build a device to get them up this They tied an extra long skipping rope to a boomerang and threw it over the 10 foot branch. They then anchored it by tying it around Robbie's waist so Keona could use it to climb the side of the tree. When that didn't work, they wanted to tie one end to Robbie's bike so he could ride away and pull the rope - and Keona- up the tree. Very creative, I must say.

Oh yes, and they decided to have a three legged race...

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