Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Photo Shoot - sort of...

The portrait that 'Canadian Baby Photographers' did of our kids after we had Jeddy.

Yesterday the Canadian Baby Photographers called and said that someone was going to be in my area tomorrow, and they wanted to book our free photo shoot. Great! They asked if her birthday was May 8th, and how much she weighed etc. and I booked the appointment for today at 1pm. So, this morning I get out all of Ella's stuff. At nap time I woke Jeddy up early, and spent an hour getting everyone ready. Then, just before 1pm I got Ella up, and dressed her and fed her. All ready to go! I'm sitting on the couch feeding Ella under a blanket when the photographer knocks at the door. She comes in, and without seeing Ella....asks how old she is. I say, "She's 3 1/2 weeks." To which she replies, "Oh, she's too young for this.... how much does she weigh?"
"umm...about 9lbs..."
"Oh, well...she isn't heavy enough either."
She then proceeded to ask other questions and tell me that it wasn't safe because her head would flop (yeah I know! I watched all my other kids' heads flop while you did their photos...?) so she could do the pictures...but not the sitting ones....or any with the other kids??? ugh. I was quite annoyed at this point. She said sorry, and that they would call to rebook, and left. I sat there and started to cry! lol. Poor Scott didn't know what to think. He said, "It's OK hun...we can still take some pictures of them while they're all dressed up!" I explained to him that it wasn't the pictures...just the whole situation. I must still be emotional from the pregnancy or something... lol. So, there I sat...feeding Ella and crying while all my nicely dressed kids, with their perfectly done hair, ran around and played. I don't think I'll be rebooking! :)

Anyhow, we decided to do our own photo shoot of Ella! :) Here's how it went.... Oh, and I added Jeddy's pics from Canadian Baby Photographers for comparison... I don't think we did half bad!
She started to get a little annoyed....
And then....she was just plain angry! So we called it a day...
Don't worry....she calmed right down in Mommy's arms. I admit. They aren't the best photos ever...but we had fun! Well, except for Ella... ;)

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28

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  1. You did great and Mommy's pics are better than any old photographer - Mommy always does it best!


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