Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A New Day

After yesterday's events, I was hoping for a better day today! :) Which we had... Keona is such a "pro" with babies now. She picks Ella up, carries her around, and even burps her. She says it's because she has so much practice! I agree.

I took the kids outside tonight and we played for a while. Prayer and Eve helped with some gardening. So did the Grandma next door. We admired my Clematis vine and she helped me pull weeds, and told me when I was pulling flowers by accident....oops! :S

Then when we were all getting ready to go in I was looking for Jed....where could he have gone? He didn't walk by me at the garden....then I hear the Grandma say, "He's here....the little one. He's here." I thought he was getting the broom by her door....but no...he had gone right INSIDE their house! :O He was standing in there playing with the toys. Wow....thankfully she had a good laugh. I worry about him running AWAY from the houses....not TO them. I'll have to watch out for both from now on.

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