Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Keona and our neighbour

A very nice family lives next door to us. A mom, dad, grandma, a boy named Nicholas who is Keona's age, and a boy Jeddy's age. Nicholas has gone to church and VBS with Keona before and soon after she was saved, she witnessed to him. This winter he told her that he prayed on his own later and that he was saved. She was so excited! She came in to tell me in tears....

Fast forward to last Sunday...Keona asked me if she could go to the bookstore after church and use her own money she had saved to buy Nicholas a Bible. Of course we said "yes"- and that night Scott took her to get one. She picked out one the same as hers- except it's blue! She was quite disappointed when we got home and he wasn't outside....

Monday afternoon I saw him out the door and told Keona. She grabbed the Bible and ran out the door to give it to him. He smiled and thanked her....she told him it was special and to take care of God's word. It was so sweet. He told her that he was going to take very good care of it and he brought it inside. She was ecstatic. So happy to be a blessing to someone else, and encourage her friend like that. :)

The Grandma came out to thank me, and I told her that it was Keona's idea...and her own money. She was so pleased and explained to me how she only has a bible in her own language (Romanian) and that she has to translate it to read it to Nicholas. She was grateful that he now had one to read on his own.

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