Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fact vs. Opinion

It's hard to believe that Keona will be turning 8 this summer. She has matured so much it seems in this past year. She is always such a help to me, and tries her best to be a blessing whenever she can. She truly has a sweet spirit.

That said, she is also extremely opinionated. I don't mind this...I actually think it' s a good quality to have. Assuming she is always respectful when stating it. It's scary how much she reminds me of ME sometimes.... This morning she came downstairs, and I said, "That's a nice outfit." To which she replied, " I didn't really like this match, so I didn't want to wear this..." So, I said, " Those colours actually match very nicely." She looked at me like she was trying to make me understand something (like I talk to them when I'm teaching.... ) and said, " I understand it may be a FACT that these colours match, but my OPINION is- I don't like them together." ha... didn't know how to respond to that one.


  1. Yes, she is a mini Jaclyn for sure.. little Miss know it all!


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