Monday, June 2, 2008

Champion Reader

We decided to have a "Reading Competition" for the month of May. It was between the four girls, and whoever had read the most pages at the end of the month would win. The prize was a $25 gift card at Chapters. (and a shopping date with Mom!) Well, we always knew Charity was competitive... she definitely takes after Scott in that area! She was determined to win from the beginning...and at the end of the month...she won by over 200 pages! Her total was 1929!!! She was extremely proud of herself, and excited to go out with me. :) So, Friday morning she got her award and that afternoon I took her to Chapters. She picked out three books (and has already finished them all!) and then we went for ice cream. Mmmm... Not that I had any...too much baby weight to lose! :P

It's funny how different they are. Charity spent every spare moment reading. And made sure that she wrote down every single page she read. Keona would read when we reminded her that Charity was winning lol...but she didn't really remember on her own. Eve would spend her time reading books to Elijah...Even though they didn't count for the contest. (our little Mommy Jr.) And Prayer....well... Every time we added pages to hers she would say, "Oh man...." lol That's my Prayer.
Speaking of our Champion reader.... Last night we went to Nana and Papa's church for a visit. We've been there before, but it's in a school and it's easy to get turned around in the hallways. After service I took all the kids to the fountain for a drink and saw that Charity's hands were covered in ink. I told her to go wash them in the bathroom. She ran off, and I helped the rest of the kids get a drink. Well, about 5 minutes later Scott asks me, "Where's Charity?" It takes me a second...and then I remember, "She's in the bathroom..." Just then I start to look around, and think to myself, "Where is the bathroom???" I look behind Scott and see the men's bathroom...but no ladies. I went around the corner and found the ladies bathroom. The door was open, lights on, no Charity... Now, I start to panic. I sent my kid to the bathroom by herself...didn't see which direction she went...and now I can't find her. I quickly walked back over to Scott and was thinking on my way, "Maybe she went into the men's by accident...No...she wouldn't have..."

"Scott, check the men's bathroom."
"Cause she isn't in the ladies'!"
So in he went. About 30 seconds later he came out laughing...and Charity followed. She had her hands over her face and she came and buried her face in my skirt. My poor girl was so embarrassed! Luckily, no one noticed. Well, until this morning...Scott told Prayer (who had been at Grandma's house) the story on the way home. She proceeded to tell everyone the next morning and when all the girls were laughing...Charity said, "Guuuyyyss....don't embarrass me anymore!" Then she told me how there were these "tall white things on the wall...with water running in them." lol....

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