Saturday, June 21, 2008

BBQ In Wasaga Beach

Wow... we had a great day.
We got up at about 6:30am to start getting people ready to go. The girls had their last swimming class this morning at 9am so we were a bit rushed.... Nana picked up the boys and they left for Wasaga around 8. Swimming was fun. Scott got to see the girls for the first time, and they were super excited to have Dad there! They have all improved SO much....Keona can actually swim! :) Anyhow, we get into the change room afterwards and I'm taking all the clothes out of the swim bag. Shirts...skirts....underwear....wait...where's the underwear???? You must be kidding me.... They have packed their own bag for 7 weeks, and the one week that we have to leave right away for a long drive.... NO UNDERWEAR! ugh.... so back home we go. Of course Ella cries the whole way so instead of just running in to get panties, we now have to go in and feed Ella too. :) So, half an hour later....we're on our way!

The kids had a blast. They played in the little pools, and literally "slipped and slid" down the "slip and slide". It was hilarious! They had water fights and chased each other, and their cousins around. Thankfully, the rain held out until the end of the day when everyone was ready to go inside anyhow. Ella pretty much just slept on people all day long... I LOVE watching our kids have fun. :)

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