Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Steel & Stitches

A few months ago while at work, Scott had a piece of rubber hose covered in steel chips whip his knuckles. After puuling most of the steel slivers out he bandaged up his hand and figured it would heal. Well, it did heal... Unfortunately, it healed with a "c" shaped piece of steel up against his knuckle bone.

It stayed swollen for weeks, and hurt if he just rubbed it against something. Finally, he decided to go see a Dr. They took the x-ray, saw the steel....and said he needed.... plastic surgery! So off he went. Where they cut open his knuckle, dug out the steel, and stitched him back. Poor guy. He went to get his stitches out today and it is looking much better.

It's still swollen from the scar tissue, but the Dr. said it should go down over the next few months.

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