Thursday, May 15, 2008

A 'Prayer' Story...

All of our kids say and do funny things...but Prayer seems to more often than the rest of them for some reason! She is our "wacky" one, who will laugh at the drop of a hat and get everyone in the room laughing with her. (or at her...!) She seems to have no brain to mouth filter...and so often says things that the others would only think momentarily. lol. So, here is our first "Prayer Story."

Mrs. Michel makes very nice cakes...not only are they gorgeous but they taste really good too! She was kind enough to make us one when she brought our dinner. So, while we were all "ooooing and ahhhing" over this cake, Prayer announces, "We already have a WHOLE pie in the fridge!..." Thanks Thankfully Mrs.Michel has kids and grand kids...when I explained to Prayer later on that she didn't need to say that, and that it would have been nice to just say 'thank you' she innocently replied, "I didn't know I was being rude!"

Also to do with food....Catherine was kind enough to come over one day last week and make lunch for us, and then bake a cake with the kids. I had a talk with them beforehand, not knowing what she would bring. I reminded them to be "polite," and eat whatever she had prepared for them. So she came in and said "I made broccoli soup! Do you guys like broccoli?"

To which Prayer replied, "No. I hate broccoli. But I'll eat it if you want me too!" and she said it with a smile. She honestly thought she was being "polite." lol

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.
Proverbs 17:22

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  1. Your Prayer sounds alot like my oldest. I had to laugh at the comments she made.


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