Saturday, May 10, 2008

Home Sweet Home...

To my surprise Dr Ruggles asked me if I'd like to go home early! Leading up to having Ella I was actually looking forward to the rest I'd get in the hospital. After having her... I couldn't wait to get home to my own bed! So we diecided I only had to stay 2 nights... perfect! Scott's parents brought the kids over right away so they'd all have a chance to see their little sister. I was pretty out of it, but they adored her. I kept hearing Jeddy say "Mumoo...babeeee..?" By the end of the visit he was saying "Baybeeee.....Ellllaaaaa!" It was cute.

The nurses didn't want to give me any pain meds until I was in my room so I was in quite a bit of pain by time I got moved over there. Everyone headed out and left Scott and I alone for the night. They gave me my Demerol, and I was out.... Scott was kind enough to take a picture.

My nurses were amazing and actually let us sleep through the night without being woken every hour to have our blood pressure and temperatures taken. Saturday morning we got everything ready to go and our nurse said she'd be back to sign us out. After putting Ella in her carseat and pulling the car into a no parking zone, that our nurse has gone for lunch! Gee...thanks for letting us know. And no one else can sign us out because she didn't do her paper work. So... a now screaming Ella comes back out of the car seat, and an annoyed Scott goes back out to the car. Our nurse comes wandering back in 20 mins later to ask me why we were still here....she really didn't want me to answer that. Anyhow, after arguing with her for 10mins about our carseat and the fact that it was safe, and was not 7 years or older??? We were able to leave. :)

Mom brought the kids over that night and they were all very anxious to hold their little sis. The boys made me a little nervous! :S

The girls are old pros at it now though!

Ahh.... home sweet home. :)

The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.
Psalm 126:3

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