Thursday, May 8, 2008

Arabella Joy

On May 8, 2008 we headed to the hospital around lunch time for our c section which was scheduled for 3pm. We already knew it would be late, but the time kept getting pushed back farther and farther.... We were all pretty hyper and had some good laughs while we waited for everything to get going. Keona was extremely anxious. Though, not nearly as anxious as me! Here's a picture of Scott and I waiting.

Anyhow, finally around 4:45pm we were called in! Our turn! :) They gave me a spinal and then called in Scott (all decked out in his "doctor" gear) and we were ready to begin! Well, almost...they had to put in the catheter, and then fix the catheter, and then try and get it working...and fix it again...oh boy. Fun stuff... So finally! It's in and working and we're ready to go. After about 20 minutes of them working and me not being able to see anything I started to get a little worried. I must have asked Scott, "Is everything OK????" about a hundred times. He did his best to relax me, but I just wanted to see my baby! A few minutes later I heard the doctor say, "Here we go!"... "It's...a....girl!"
"Yay!!!! I get to use my name!" was the first thought to run through my head. lol She came out crying and to my surprise, she was tiny! I was kind of hoping for a big baby after putting on all this weight...atleast then I had an excuse. :P But no, my adorable little 6lb 3oz girl was here.

Arabella Joy Polhamus. Or as we had already decided, "Ella". Scott got to hold her for the rest of the time while they "put me back together". She was Daddy's "littlest" girl already.

Keona had made us promise to put "the baby" in a plain blanket so she could guess if it was a boy or girl. We warned all of the nurses not to say anything as they wheeled me back to recovery. "A boy!" guessed Keona and But she was just as exciteed to find out she had another little sister.

And finally...though weak...tired....and in desperate need of some pain killers... I got to hold my little Ella. :)

Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift.
ll Corinthians 9:15


  1. This is also the name I have picked if I have a little girl! I love the meaning and history of the name Arabella; "answer to a prayer" and the Joy part is for my mom who's name is Joyce.
    Congratulations and many, many blessings.

  2. Thanks. :) That's pretty neat... I've yet to hear of another Arabella (well until now I guess!) and that you're using Joy as well. Very nice choice, if I do say so myself! :P


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